West entrance to Lorch Monastery

Hidden behind high wallsThe garden

Hidden inside the circular rampart lies a lovely monastery garden. Here, traditional herbs are still grown in the medieval tradition. In the Garden of the Senses, touching is encouraged. With its panoramic view of the Rems valley, the terrace invites visitors to linger.

Herb garden at Lorch Monastery

Once used for medicinal herbs.

Traditional herbs in the monastery garden

The herb garden at Lorch Monastery, located between the monastery church and the south ramparts, invites visitors to relax and linger. Fragrant herbs and flowers that the monks used to make tinctures and salves grow in the various beds. On a tour, visitors can learn exciting facts about the monks' traditions, as well as about the practical use of medicinal plants.

Garden of the Senses at Lorch Monastery

Streams in the Garden of the Senses.

Relaxing in the Garden of the Senses

Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling. The Garden of the Senses tests all the senses. Bubbling fountains and gurgling streams as well as sound objects, touch boards, and fragrant plants invite guests to participate in the fun. Many places to sit, some with views of the Rems valley, complete the experience. Here, visitors can find peace and harmony.

Monastery garden at Lorch Monastery

For relaxing moments.

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