Lorch Monastery



According to the most recent Corona Directive of the State of Baden-Württemberg, our ability to open our monuments to guests depends on the seven-day incidence rate of the respective town or city. Some monuments can open, while other monuments must, unfortunately, remain closed. This situation can also change at short notice. Therefore, please check the current hours of operation for each monument. You can find these on our German websites. Thank you for your understanding.

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Lorch Monastery
Lorch Monastery, monastery church
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Lorch Monastery, circular painting of the Hohenstaufen dynasty
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Lorch Monastery (Kloster Lorch), Wäscherschloss Castle (Burg Wäscherschloss) and Hohenstaufen are key historical locations for the Staufer – representing the birthplace of the dynasty, the official family seat, and its initial burial site.


Interior of the church of St. Peter and Paul, Lorch MonasteryThe monastery churchChapel and monument
The monastery church - Chapel and monument
Aerial view of Lorch Monastery churchThe burial placesRulers, noblemen, and abbots
The burial places - Rulers, noblemen, and abbots
Detail of the mural of the House of Staufen, Lorch Monastery chapter houseExhibitionsExperience history
Exhibitions - Experience history
Detail of a mural of the House of Staufen in the Lorch Monastery churchImages of the House of StaufenBenefactors and patron saints
Images of the House of Staufen - Benefactors and patron saints
Motif of the Staatliche Schlösser und Gärten Baden-Württemberg


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